St. Maria vom Frieden

A plain interior is hidden behind the baroque, three-level façade. A miracle-working image of the Black Mother of God on the high altar was donated by Maria de Medici in 1642.

St. Maria vom Frieden
Address: GoogleMapsVor den Siebenburgen 6-10
50676 Cologne
Phone: 0221/311637
Fax: 0221/3100295
1637 In their escape from the religious wars, the Carmelite nuns come to Cologne and found a convent
1643-49 Construction of the Carmelite convent
1716 Due to financial difficulties, the church was only finished then
1949 »St. Maria vom Frieden« was handed over again as property of the order following the break-up of the convent in the course of secularisation

Historically, »St. Maria vom Frieden« is particularly important due to Edith Stein. A commemorative plaque in the church's crypt continues to be a reminder of her. She who was born Jewish, but became Catholic in 1922. From 1933-1938, she lived in the Carmelite convent, before she was deported to Auschwitz where she died in 1942. She was beatified as a martyr in 1987, and canonised in 2000.

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