Historisches Archiv

Historical Archives

Until March 3, 2009 the city of Cologne was in possession of the largest municipal archive North of the Alps. It included 65,000 documents since the year 922, 26 kilometres of files, 104,000 maps, as well as 50,000 posters, 780 collections, for example by Jan von Werth, Jacques Offenbach or Heinrich Böll, and 500,000 photos on events in Cologne.

Historical Archives of the city of Cologne
Address: GoogleMapsSeverinstr. 222-228
50676 Cologne
Phone: 0221/221-22329
Fax: 0221/221-22480

The interests of the citizens and the protection of their rights have been recorded in writing ever since 1130. The municipal archive that was still small enough to be kept in a box at the house of a patrician in 1322 was already assigned a vault in the new town hall tower as a storage point less than a hundred years later.

In 1971 the modern functional building was erected in Severinstraße, which became the new home to the »long-term memory for administration«. At the same time it was the research centre for history and provided an abundant supply of information for every citizen.

On March 3rd, 2009 a disaster happened: The building collapsed.

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