Farina House

Museum of Fragrances

The birth house of the Eau de Cologne: In the world’s oldest fragrance factory began the fascinating history of Eau de Cologne and modern fragrances. Beginning with the Rococo period, the fragrance museum brings to life three centuries of fragrance and cultural history. Art objects, portraits and furniture bear witness to the world-wide connections of the Farina perfume dynasty.

Museum of Fragrances in the Farina House
Address: GoogleMapsObenmarspforten 21
50667 Cologne
Phone: 0221/3998994
Fax: 0221/3998995
Opening hours: Mon. - Sat. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Prices: € 4
Remarks: guided visits from 5 - 20 persons; information and booking per telephone

In the fragrance chamber, the world of the parfumeur is brought to life. Visitors can sample at length the most diverse essences, if so desired. Detailed explanations about the extraction of essences or the production technique of Enfleurage give a vivid impression of a parfumeur's creations, creativity and indispensable talent.
The museum tour then follows a staircase down into the original cellar vaults, which is where perfumes were produced 300 years ago. A cedar-wood barrel that dates back to the business's beginnings has endured the wear of time. A replica of a distillation apparatus, like the one used by Johann Maria Farina in the 18th century, exemplifies the artistry of distillation. In excerpts, pictures illustrate the development of perfume production throughout three centuries.

A special offer are the so-called historic costume tours, also available especially for children: An actor in the role of Johann Maria Farina introduces the secrets and the history of the world-famous Eau de Cologne. He explains the tedious perfume-making process, from a perfume's composition to its manufacture, and invites the visitors to sample several different essences. Additionally he tella an array of anecdotes about the Rococo period.

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