St. Heribert

Alt St. Heribert

The church, Alt St. Heribert, located in Deutz, on the right-hand bank of the Rhine, has been destroyed several times in the course of its history. Up until its incorporation in 1888, Deutz was an independent town and, for many centuries, was not part of the territory of Cologne.

Alt St. Heribert
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50679 Cologne
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1020 Consecration of the church
1376 Destruction of the church because the City of Cologne, in its dispute with the Archbishop, wanted to deprive him of the important strongpoint
1382-87 Reconstruction of the church by the City of Cologne as reparation
17th century Renewed destruction of the church in the Truchsess War by the City of Cologne to deprive the opposition of the possibility of making a fortress out of the buildings
1659-63 Baroque reconstruction and consecration of the now more simple pillared basilica

Its position, directly opposite the old Roman city on the other bank of the wide river, made Deutz, however, an ideal site for a fortification which, in the case of a conflict, could be extremely instrumental against Cologne.

The flanking chancel towers and the Romanesque roofs of today's Baroque church date back to the 19th century. Since 1994, the church has belonged to the Greek Orthodox community.

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