Roman sewer

Roman tower

At one time, the ornate Roman tower formed the north-western corner of the Roman city wall.

Roman North Gate
Address: GoogleMapsZeughausstr. / St. Apern-Str.
Opening hours: freely accessible
50 AD Start of construction of a city wall and its towers
1873 After the Roman tower was to be demolished, the City of Cologne bought it, and ensured its preservation
1900 Construction of the Neo-Gothic house, which borders the Roman tower

The tower, known beyond the borders of Cologne due to its good condition, is decorated with mosaics. The ornamental pieces consist of various types of stone, and in the upper row, it is still possible to recognise stylised pillared temples. In the middle ages, the tower was integrated into the then Convent of St. Clara, and then later into a house.

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