City wall


Medieval City Wall

The approximately 5.5 km long city wall was built from 12th to 13th century. In addition to smaller gates, another twelve larger gates allowed citizens to enter.

Medieval City Wall
50-70 The Roman city wall is built which remains until the Middle Ages
950 The new merchant's quarter at the Rhine is secured by walls
1106 Second city expansion
1180-1240 The city wall is built containing an area of 402 hectares
1881 The wall is torn down

The new city wall ran a little inside the »Ring«; streets such as Severinswall, Kartäuserwall, Pantaleonswall are still reminiscent of the direction in which it ran.

In 1881, the City of Cologne bought the city wall for 12 million marks from the state, and began to tear it down.

Individual parts, gates, and towers of this fortification system remain in existence, providing the Cologne squares with their particular flair.

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