Koeln im Netz

W-LAN & Internet Cafés in Cologne

If you have a notebook with a Wireless LAN Card you can use the W-LAN service (which means that you can access the internet without having to be connected via a wire) at many places in Cologne as the VIP lounges in the main railway station or the airport.

Starting in 2013, some popular public places are beeing equipped with WLAN access for visitors by NetCologne, the Cologne telephone and internet provider. The Roncalliplatz south of the Cathedral - the number one tourists´ spot - is the first on the list beeing followed by the Heumarkt, the Altermarkt, the Heinrich-Böll-Platz and the Ottoplatz in Deutz. Even in public offices and museums, visitors can surf for free soon.

There are hotspot-locations at many fairs and the university. Most Cologne hotels offer a W-LAN access to the internet, as well as some fast food Hamburger chains. While one has to pay a small fee in some hotels, students at the university and guest of a couple of cafés can surf on the internet free of charge.

Wireless-LAN in Cologne


Internet Cafés

Anyone without a wireless access to the Internet is guaranteed of being able to go online at one of Cologne´s many internet cafés. You will find plenty opportunity to do your e-mail in the big department stores and shopping malls, near the tram or subway stations, or in the central station and university district.

The following compilation can only be a small selection as any couple of days a new internet café is opening its door (or going out of business):