Koeln im Netz


Webcams, Photos, Panorama

Imagine having a permanent view of everyday life in Cologne! This wish is easy to fulfil in the internet era. Different web-cameras enable you to have a view of the cathedral [Dom] - apparently natives of Cologne who live far away miss it the most - or the current traffic jam at Ebertplatz.

The fact that three webcams are keeping close tabs on the cathedral should not come as a surprise to anyone. Moreover the options vary both in terms of the point on the compass and perspectives as follows:

- WDR gives surfers the most direct view of the cathedral;

- You have a view of the back of the cathedral from the Oasis Restaurant in the Lufthansa building on the »Schäl Sick« (i.e. on the right-hand side of the Rhine), but this is compensated for by being in the centre of the Rheinpromenade with the Cologne Altstadt;

- Apart from a live view, the DomCam gives a surprising number of the most interesting archive cathedral photographs, including a 360-degree panoramic view.

WDR shows both its enviable view of the cathedral from its administrative building on the internet and also shows views into the studio of the teenage radio show Eins live, the filming of the TV series »Lindenstraße« and the site on the Rhine where the series »Anrheiner« is being shot.

Live pictures of important traffic junctions in the city are put on the internet by NetCologne in conjunction with the traffic-management centre of the city of Cologne. Those who cannot get enough of city traffic will find other road junctions on private webcams.


Every two years, the photokina – the international exhibition for the imaging sector – is held in Cologne. Many tourists as well as professional photographers photograph the Cathedral and the Rhine panorama. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why there is hardly any other city in Germany which as many photos of it on the internet, including many spectacular panorama and 3D photos, than Cologne. To be able to view these images the web browser does, nevertheless, require a special plug-in – either QuickTime or Java – usually installed on most systems.

The largest number – several thousand amateur pictures of the city – can be found on The photos cover almost all aspects of city life in Cologne: sights, important events – from the carnival to World Youth Day with the Pope’s visit up to the Football World Championships as well as many personal impressions of the city.
Individual pictures are available in various resolutions and can even be used as artwork masters. On the relevant pages, the photographers state under which conditions their photos can be used free of charge.

Good quality, high resolution photos of Cologne to download, for example for publishing in newspapers and magazines, can also be found in other places. Whilst several photos are free of charge, the rights for some other pictures must be obtained beforehand (€). As opposed to well-known photo agencies, costs here are, nevertheless, only between approx. 4 and 20 euros.

Live Webcams from Cologne