Koeln im Netz

Newspapers & Magazines

The three daily Cologne newspapers published by the Dumont-Schauberg publishers offer the latest up-to-the-minute reports – ranging from world politics to local regional reports. Apart from their own internet site, they also share a common website, the City-Guide, which serves in particular as a platform for local reports and for announcements on the times and places of cultural and other organised events. In this connection, the list of accessible events covers both the city of Cologne as well as the surrounding cities.

The city magazine with similar contents (organised events, cultural events and small advertisements) is aimed at a different, younger target group. As in the case of the daily newspapers the internet site should help to strengthen reader-newspaper loyalty.
The news magazine Focus and the lifestyle paper Max deal in particular with the city-tour aspect of Cologne and their tips and links relate to this subject.

Information services

There are three options to facilitate the specific research of newspapers articles over and above the Cologne press, and the establishment of an individual data service. Leafing through Paperball, Paperazzi or the network newspaper, you will find the current headlines from German newspapers on the internet (with the corresponding links), but you can also search by means of specific topics and compile your own news service.