Consulting: Management, Audit, Tax, Law

In the 1980s Dr. Helmut Thoma, the director of RTL in Cologne, considerably pushed forwards the development of German private television. In 2000 Thoma, born in Vienna, changed sides and has, since then, been working as a media consultant. With his company TT Studios, founded in 2007, the TV pioneer particularly helps to promote his industry in matters concerning digitalisation..

With his change of sides, Thoma again proved his sense of good timing. While the private broadcasters have been in troubled waters since 2001, consulting continues to be a business with a future. According to the study »Facts & Figures of the Consulting Industry 2007/08« of the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (BDU), the sector saw a turnover increase of 11.8 per cent to 16.4 billion euros in 2007.
Many big international management consultants such as McKinsey and Booz & Company have their German head offices particularly in the Rhineland.

Trust is the most important good of a management consultant, particularly as new jobs come primarily via recommendations from third persons. Consultants are, therefore, accordingly discreet when it comes to their client’s projects. For their own PR, media studies are a tried and tested means. Management consultants Pricewaterhouse Coopers regularly conducts studies on the development of the media market titled »German Entertainment Outlook«. Some consulting firms network with academic institutions with which they highlight the expertise of their consultants who also work as lecturers. The academic world and teaching should, in this way, benefit from the professional practice of the consultants.

With 3,200 employees in 40 countries, Rödl & Partner is one of the large internationally operating auditing and advisory companies. At the centre of its advisory services are companies with worldwide business operations. As a result of the close cooperation between financial auditors, tax consultants, lawyers and management consultants, the company is able to offer its clients customised solutions for all entrepreneurial, tax-related and legal issues. Since being launched in 2001, the office in Cologne has developed into one of the most strongly growing ones of Rödl & Partner worldwide. In addition to the business with small and medium-sized companies, Rödl & Partner has also gained a good reputation for itself in the provision of advisory services to the public sector. Throughout Germany, the Cologne office at the Rheinauhafen (Rheinau Port) pools all activities in this field.

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