Rhein Erft District

The Rhine-Erft region is located in the heart of Rhineland in the middle of the city triangle of Cologne-Bonn–Aachen and is a direct neighbour of Cologne the cathedral city.

In the beautiful Rhineland nature reserve visitors can cycle, walk, in-liner skate or golf, and a whole host of other leisure activities are on offer. The magnets for visitors, Phantasialand in Brühl und the Michael Schumacher Kart & Event Centre in Kerpen, attract those hungry for experiences to the region with everything they have to offer.

Art and culture

The Rhine-Erft area is one of the regions in Germany with the most number of water fortresses, and two absolute gems, the UNESCO world heritage sites Augustusburg Castle and Falkenlust Castle await! A wide range of museums can also be visited, the most prominent being the Max Ernst Museum in Brühl and the Keramion Foundation – the centre for historical and contemporary ceramics in Frechen.

The »Lignite Experience«

This is the motto adopted by the all year round exhibition in Paffendorf Castle in Bergheim. The gigantic bucket excavators can then be observed from the viewing points in the expansive open-cast mines.

Conferences and events

Historical castles and fortresses, modern conference hotels and unusual event locations are available for providing a suitable backdrop to meet the many different requirements. The conference and event organiser is therefore spoilt for choice in the Rhine-Erft Region.

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Rhein Erft District


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Rhein Erft District

Rhein-Erft-Tourismus e.V.

GoogleMapsRhein-Erft-Tourismus e.V. Europaallee 33
50226 Frechen
Phone 02234/95568-30
Fax 02234/95568-53

Rhein-Erft-Tourismus e.V.

GoogleMapsWirtschaftsförderung Rhein-Erft GmbH Europaallee 33
50226 Frechen
Phone 02234/95568-0
Fax 02234/95568-68
The Rhine-Erft Tourist Board is glad to compile creative, specific and individual fringe events for groups, consisting, for instance, of a combination of the above-mentioned components and excellent gastronomy as well as a wide range of hotel services. The Rhine-Erft Tourist Board also answers questions on other issues, e.g. golfing facilities and bicycle tour routes.

open-cast mining

Paffendorf Castle (Bergheim)

The RWE Power corporation has created an information centre for open-cast mining in the 16th century Schloss Paffendorf. The pursuit of the area’s coal has led to the relocation of 15 communities, some of them considerable in size, throughout the region, not to mention the diversion of roads, railways and the course of the Erft River. Large open-cast mining operations can still be viewed around Elsdorf, around Brühl and Erftstadt the recultivation efforts are internationally acknowledged.

Paffendorf Castle
Address: GoogleMapsBurggasse
50126 Bergheim
Phone: 02271/75120043
Fax: 02271/7511477
Location: 35 km north-west of Cologne;
ca. 35 minutes by car, ca. 50 minutes by train (S6) from central station
Opening hours: Sat., Sun. and on holydays 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., bistro und castle grounds daily accessible, admission free
Brauweiler Abbey

Brauweiler Abbey (Pulheim)

The columned hall of Abtei Brauweiler is home to the Rhineland’s only collection of holography. The abbey itself was established in 1024; in 1988 elaborate restoration work was completed, and it was opened to the public after many years.

Brauweiler Abbey
Address: GoogleMapsEhrenfriedstr. 19
50259 Pulheim
Phone: 02234/98540
Location: 15 km west of Cologne;
ca. 25 minutes by car, ca. 35 minutes by train RB 72732 from central station to Lövenich, then by bus 961 to Brauweiler (Kirche/church)
Opening hours: »Säulensaal«: Tue.-Sun. 2 p.m. - 4 p.m., admission free



Stiftung Keramion

Since 2002 the Keramion Museum and the Museum of Historical Ceramics of the City of Frechen are merged in the Keramion foundation and create thus an impressive collection of historical and contemporary ceramics. Apart from the permanent exhibition varying presentations are presented.

Ceramics Museum -Stiftung Keramion Zentrum für moderne und historische Keramik
Address: GoogleMaps Bonnstr. 12
50226 Frechen
Phone: 02234/697690
Fax: 02234/6976920
Location: 15 km west of Cologne;
ca. 25 minutes by car, ca. 30 minutes
from Neumarkt per 7 to Frechen-Bahnhof
Opening hours: Tue.-Fri. and Sun. 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sat. 2 p.m.-5 p.m.
Groups please make an appointment; admission: € 2,30; reduced: € 1,60




Lechenich Castle


Gracht Castle

Castles of the Erftstadt region

A series of well-preserved castles and river citadels are located in the Erftstadt vicinity, some of which are privately owned.
Schloss Gymnich served as a guest home for the Federal Government in Bonn from 1971-1990, and has been the home of Ireland’s Kelly Family from July 1998 to 2002. Throughout the year their fans flocked here in the hope of catching a glimpse of these stars.
Business aspects were at the forefront when the Verein zur Förderung des Universitäts-seminars der Wirtschaft e.V. (USW) purchased Schloss Gracht (Gracht Castle).
These 19th century structures were extensively renovated, and now serve as a renowned site of further education for business management personnel.
Wasserburg Konradsheim (Konradsheim River Citadel) has a long history, yet in spite of multiple changes of ownership, this historic landmark, like the late Gothic red-sandstone oriels and adjacent wings, has been saved thanks to thorough renovation work.

Landesburg Lechenich

Presse- und Informationsamt der Stadt Erftstadt
(visits on request only)

Phone: 02235/409306
Fax: 02235/409565
Location: 30 km south-west of Cologne;
ca. 30 minutes by car, ca. 35 minutes by train RE20 from central station

Gracht Castle
Adresse: GoogleMaps Förderverein Schlosspark Gracht e.V.
(only Park)
Tel.: 02235/41748
Lage: 30 km south-west of Cologne;
ca. 30 minutes by car, ca. 35 minutes by train RE20 from central station
Öffnungszeiten: The castle grounds are freely accessible, but Gracht castle cannot be visited.



Phantasialand (Brühl)

Right from the outset, the Brühl theme park focused on a balanced mixture of attractions.
The Phantasialand has six different theme areas, which are lovingly designed down to the very last detail: Alt-Berlin (Old Berlin), China Town, Fantasy, Mystery, Mexico and Silver City. Each of these stand-alone adventure worlds offers a multitude of entertainment features – from breathtaking attractions to gripping shows to international culinary delicacies. It takes a bit of doing to get through all attractions in one day.
The nostalgic Alt Berlin Boulevard features attractions such as the »L’Ar(c)tistique« show, the recipient of the »Big E Award«, and the 4D adventure »Pirates«. The »Walzertraum« flower ride guarantees pure relaxation. »Galaxy«, Europe’s only flight simulator with IMAX-HD technology enables space freaks to float through faraway galaxies. The Wild West is brought to life in »Silver City«. The breakneck train ride »Colorado Adventure« blows the cowboy hat off your head and the saloon features beautiful music melodies, one of this season’s new additions. The Silverado Theatre’s »Wild West Stunt Show« consists of pure action. Guests can cool off on the two nearby water rides. Follow this with an enjoyable taste of Mexico at the spectacular »Cold Rhythm« ice show.  The »Silbermine« and »Casa Magnetica« are both overflowing with Mexican temprament.
»Mystery Castle« is the ultimate test of courage for daredevil fans of heights with strong nerves. In the »Temple of the Night Hawk«, visitors ride on the back of the powerful night hawk, which speeds through a starry night and fog-covered forests. The gondola ride through 1001 Nights and a stroll through the fairytale forest are wonderfully relaxing. King Kong and Jaws await you in the »Hollywood Tour«. »China Town« features several eery attractions, such as the »Geister Rikscha« (Phantom Riksha) and a mysterious Chinese palace: »Feng Ju Palace«. In the legendary »Wuze Town« you can experience the Wuze rituals live on the »Tittle Tattle Tree« para tower and the wild indoor spinning coasters »Winja’s Fear« and »Winja’s Force«.  And as if that wasn’t enough there's also the unique multi-storey rafting structure, »River Quest«.

Address: GoogleMapsBerggeiststr. 31-41
50321 Brühl
Phone: 02232/36-200
Fax: 02232/36-236
Location: 25 km south-west of Cologne;
ca. 25 minutes by car, ca. 60 minutes by tram U18 from central station, by train ca 13 minutes
Opening hours: April 1st-Oct. 31st daily 9 a.m.-6 p.m., for further details visit the park's homepage
Children smaller than 1,00 m: free access
Dayticket children: € 24,50
Dayticket adults: € 28,-
Dayticket seniors: € 17,-
For further price informations visit the park's hompage.

Augustusburg Castle (Brühl)

Castle "Falkenlust"

Augustusburg Castle

Augustusburg Castle, Falkenlust Castle and their gardens are UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites which house Brühl’s annual castle concerts. The gardens are considered authentic examples of French gardening in Europe, and were sufficient to draw a young Max Ernst to visit their grounds.
Born close-by in 1891, this world-famous artist took his first artistic steps here, immortalising the park’s trees in one of his works.
Today the City of Brühl’s Max-Ernst-Kabinett pays tribute to the artist’s work with 450 items on exhibition.

Augustusburg Castle -Schlossverwaltung Schloss Brühl
Address: GoogleMaps Schlossstraße 6
50321 Brühl
Phone: 02232/42471
Fax: 02232/43254
Location: 25 km south-west of Cologne;
ca. 25 minutes by car, ca. 60 minutes by tram U18 from central station
Opening hours: Tue.-Fri.: 9 a.m.-12 p.m., 1.30 p.m.-4 p.m.;
Sat., Sun. & holidays: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; closed in December and January
Admission: adults € 4, reduced € 3,50, families € 9,-,
pupils/students € 3,-, pupils with their classes € 2,-