Guided tour

Guided Tours

There is a lot to see for Cologne visitors. Prabably the best way to discover the city is by guided tour. A special highlight is organized in April - the Discover-Cologne-Festival »Expedition Colonia«. More than 130 guided tours on 270 dates are provided for virtually all interests.

An insight into the top attractions of the metropolis offer regular guided tours where tourists can learn all about the most interesting features of the city and find out about the locals’ popular Rhenish life style.

For example one can embark on a guided walking tour of Cologne’s Old Town to get an insight into the 2.000 year old history of the metropolis, the area around the Cathedral and the old town. A great many sights are concentrated within one square kilometre of the Cathedral, Town Hall and the Old Town with the Romanesque church of Groß St. Martin or the Roman Dionysos Mosaic and the Jewish ritual bath, the Mikveh. In the narrow. cobble-stoned alleys of the Old Town and on the busy squares like the Roncalliplatz, the Alter Markt or the Heumarkt, one can get a feeling for life in the cathedral city, yesterday and today.

The visit to the most famous building in the city, the cathedral is a must: On a guided tour you can find out why the people of Cologne wanted to build »the largest church in the world«, how difficult it was to realize this enormous project and why it was only completed in the 19th century, after work had stopped for almost 300 years, enchanted by the wonderful stained-glass windows from various centuries, and by the impressive Gero cross, the oldest preserved large crucifix in the Occident and the shrine of the Three Magi, an outstanding example of the Rhenish-Maasland goldsmith’s art – and simultaneously proof that Cologne was one of the major occidental centres of pilgrimage.

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