Housing Market

As Cologne's property market has remained stable, the traffic connection is good and Cologne is one of Germany's leading media cities, the climate for investments in property is favourable. With 190 Euro per square metre, the rent in the best locations is one of the highest in Germany and many new projects are in the process of development.

In the south of the town center for example the former docklands are changed into 235,000 square metres of flats, offices, restaurants and cultural institutions.




Flats, houses, industrial propert

It doesn't matter if you want to buy a house or rent a flat - the property market in Cologne has a vast range of offers. In the saturday issue of the newspaper Kölner Stadtanzeiger you can find many advertisements concerning property both from estate agents and private persons. Another possibility when searching for a real estate is the internet where there are online property markets for Cologne. Prices can vary strongly but just to give you an idea: the price for a square meter in a flat with 60 square meters of floor space is mostly just a little bit more than 10 Euro.