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Jobs & Internships

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The Rhineland is the economically strongest region in North Rhine-Westphalia. There are more than 800.000 workplaces in and around Cologne. Most jobs are to be found in the service sector. Several banks and insurances have their head office in this city, but there are also many companies from the world of media and information technology.

In the field of television two of the most important television stations are situated in Cologne: the WDR (the biggest of the german public service broadcasting companies) and RTL (the most successful private television station in Germany). The car industry, the chemical and pharamceutical industry are also to be found in this region as is the manufacturing sector.

The employment market in the region of Cologne
Population 2.186.597
All employees 785.884
- manufacturing sector 198.349
- commerce 125.687
- transport 45.578
- service sector 391.632
Companies 137.415
Gross product Mio. EUR 66.041





Until the end of the 1990ies there were many job vacancies in Germany and most of them were advertised in the national newspapers as the FAZ or the Süddeutsche Zeitung or in the regional newspapers as the Kölner Stadtanzeiger. But nowadays there aren't as many vacancies and not all of them are published in newspapers any more. Quite a few job offers are only to be found on the Internet where there are a lot of different virtual employment markets as for example »monster« or »stepstone«.



In Germany an internship at a company is something most pupils or students are expected to have done before they finish their studies. In some schools and courses of study an internship is even stipulated. But even if it is not compulsive, it is a reasonable thing to do as it offers the opportunity to become acquainted with a profession and thus eases the decision concerning the choice of career. Whilst working one will also most probably detect one's strengths and weaknesses and gather additional skills. It is also a chance to test one's prospects on the employment market.

Many companies offer internships for students. They can either be found on the company's website or in the different virtual internship markets on the internet. A speculative application can also be a good idea as not all practical courses are advertised.

Jobsuche am PC

The right application strategy

An application must be convincing no matter if it is send by post or e-mail. Luckily there are guides for a good application not only in book form but also on the internet. At all events an application should contain a personalised letter in which you explain why you are interested in the job, what your qualifications are and why you are the best appllicant for this job. Apart from that a personal data sheet, where you should emphasize the facts that are relevant for the vacancy, ought to be added. Further enclosed sould be certificates, diplomas, attestations etc. in chronological order. If a picture is required you should not send in a snapshot from your last holiday in Spain as this might not appear very respectable. It might be a better idea to go to a photographic studio and let them take a picture.