Galleries in Cologne

For a number of decades, the Rhine metropolis has not only laid claim to its reputation as an international art centre, but has also built on this reputation. With regard to the area of modern art in particular, Cologne is a very important international location, a phenomenon which is due in no small part to the Ludwig Museum. The open, lively and tolerant nature of the city attracts not only art-lovers and private collectors such as Peter and Irene Ludwig or Rainer Speck, but also thousands of artists who choose to set up their studios in these creative surroundings.

Where art is »created«, it must also be showcased: Hence the presence of over 100 galleries in Cologne, offering a trading centre for art of all descriptions. Added to these are the renowned auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Lempertz or Venator & Hanstein. Since 2009 Cologne is also the home of Europe's first rental gallery: In two rooms international galleries can present themselves and get in touch with local art collectors.

The development of up-and-coming talent is also catered for, a role shared by the Kunsthochschule für Medien (Art and Media Academy) and by the regular international art trade fairs which take place in Cologne, e.g. Art Cologne and Westdeutsche Kunstmesse. In addition to this, there are a considerable number of societies and foundations which support the development of art. However, art can be sampled simply by strolling through the city: Statues and sculptures are not only to be found brightening up important places but also houses and even leafy parks.