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The region has a total of around 5,000 doctors and 60 hospitals with 17,000 beds and one doctor for 600 patients and one hospital bed for 180 inhabitants – well above the average. The health initiative of more than 130 institutions from politics, industry and science is dedicated to promoting the region’s medical industry

Statistics show that the health industry is the region’s single most important sector – around 180,000 people work in 11,000 companies in this business sector and the market volume is an annual 9,2 billion euros.

Yet the industry is facing far-reaching social challenges for which Health Region Cologne Bonn is actively searching for solutions. The most important of these is, undoubtedly, the demographic change  an aging society that brings with it an increased need for care in old age.This is being researched by well known institutes such as the Max-Planck Institute for the Biology of Aging and Caesar - their findings will benefit pharmaceutical development and will be used in clinical healthcare in old age. This co-operation between business and science is also promoted in other fields.

Cologne is, meanwhile, the most important pharmaceutical and biotechnological location in Europe with many innovative businesses located here. »Tumortec«, for example, develops new procedures for cancer diagnosis and treatment and has already won the Cologne Innovation Prize 2006. Besides this, institutions such as the BioCampus Cologne promote the establishment of new companies.

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Health Services

If you are concerned for your wellbeing you can rest assured that you are in very good hands in Cologne and Bonn. The region has a total of around 5,000 doctors and 60 hospitals with 17,000 beds and one doctor for 600 patients and one hospital bed for 180 inhabitants – well above the average.

In a whole range of specialised clinics, experts with a worldwide reputation concern themselves with ­diseases, ­little aches and pains and matters of beauty. Modern ophthalmology, for instance, liberates you from glasses and ­contact lenses by means of state-of-the-art laser and surgery technology. Moreover, Cologne’s ­specialised clinics are proficient in many other areas of expertise. Neurosurgery, vascular surgery, ­diabetes, ­gynaecology and dentistry are only a small selection. Those concerned for beauty can undergo an anti-­ageing therapy. And, of course, ­Cologne and Bonn can also come up with experts in plastic surgery.

The ocumax eye laser centre – a part of the PAN-Klinik at the Neumarkt, an ultramodern centre of clinics with six operating rooms and 32 beds – offers individual treatment strategies for a life without glasses and contact lenses. Alongside ophthalmology, specialists in general and specialised surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology, urology, reproductive medicine and many other subjects are to be found here.

Twenty medical experts from nine specialised areas have joined forces to form the Klinik am Ring. This ­approach renders possible a particularly efficient and interdisciplinary treatment of patients, as medical advice can be sought without delay from the specialist of the neighbouring medical practise. The clinic, located in the city centre, also offers the best possible environment for in-patient treatment. Here, you can enjoy the modern conveniences of a hotel.

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Kliniken der Stadt Köln 2

The Municipal Clinics of Cologne

are the largest provider of health care services in Cologne with over 1,500 beds in three hospitals Holweide, Merheim, and Children’s Hospital Amsterdamer Straße. Recently, around 70 million euros have been invested in the expansion of the hospital Merheim: A six-storey building with functional areas, nursing stations and a helicopter landing pad provides modern medical care, a sophisticated ambience and the best accommodation in single or twin comfort rooms.

The three hospitals are known for their high quality and certified quality assurance programmes (KTQ certificate). So that patients are as pain-free as possible after an operation, an »acute pain therapy quality management« has been established in Merheim which is certified by the TÜV Rhineland (control board). The hospital offers medical supervision of the highest level as well as skilled care. The individual needs of the patient are, hereby, at the centre. The medical spectrum corresponds to the latest scientific medicine. Specialisation lies primarily in the following illnesses:
• Illnesses of the inner organs
• Organic changes in the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves
• Accident surgery, orthopaedics, sports traumatology
• Visceral, vessel and transplantation surgery
• Chest and respiratory illnesses
• Eye illnesses such as cataracts and glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal detachment
• Plastic surgery with treatment of severe burns
• Illnesses of female genital organs and breasts
• Care of pregnant women specialising in risk pregnancies and ill new-born
• Illnesses of urinary tract and male genital organs
• Illnesses of head and throat (larynx, nose, paranasal sinuses and ears)
• All child and teen illnesses
• All paediatric surgery and paediatric urology operations

Centres of excellence have been established for complex illnesses in which doctors specialising in various areas work hand in hand for the best possible diagnosis and therapy.